Adelina Covián

I was born in the nothern Spanish region of Asturias, and I wanted to become a painter although my closest relatives weren´t very enthusiastyc about it, but despite that, I was determined to achieve my aim.

Most summers we used to spend some weeks in the family’s country house, which is /20 kilometres/13 miles/ from Oviedo –the capital city of the region-, were we lived during the rest of the year. I spent in that rural area of the Siero Council a long part of my childhood, and that beautiful part of the nation is an area of high rainfall.

We -the children- slept in the uppest floors of that run-down house, and there were quite a few damp patches on the ceiling and walls, and those ones were the first means that allowed me to start my learning process, damp patches whose shapes suggested to me landscapes and figures to make drawings.

As I didn’t have enough money at that time, I used to go downstairs to the kitchen to get some pieces of coal and then got back to the attic where we slept, and there I silently got onto the table to draw with them on those patches which became my first paintings.

Many years later my mother said -kind of half serious, half joking- that had been a pity to erase those drawings, that had been the origen of my painter career.

Long time has passed since that beginning, but patches still are an essential part of my pictorial vision.