"Driven by an irresistible inner force, and using a very personal technique, perhaps inherited from his previous time as a water painter, produces a very special art, with color lording the canvas and occupying large areas, sometimes in violent gusts , other sweetening space, but always dominant, vital and magical. "
Juan B. Ocaña.
"Paint like the birds sing, as the flowers open"

La Vanguardia
""The technique used by A. Covián is absolutely original, may be Oriental, but certainly Western and European"
Antonio Cobos, Ya
"A wonderful collaboration of ideas and emotions"
"A. Covián paints as translating a dream"
"Adelina Covian peint dans une matière fluide aux reflets proches de ceux de l'email. Elle confronte le plus souvent, seulement deux couleurs intenses, pose sur le subjectif un tracé essentiel et donne libre cours à son lyrisme. "

Jean Chabanon, Le Peintre
"Her drawing is smooth, happy and strong, as mere pretext to distribute the color"
Campoy, ABC